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The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid – What You Need to Know

Successful skincare regimens involve many important ingredients, and one of our favorites is Hyaluronic Acid. This magnificent little molecule is one of our favorites, and as you read on about the benefits of hyaluronic acid, we think you will be too.

It’s a moisture magnet

Hyaluronic Acid is a molecule that is found naturally within the body. It has a gel-like consistency, and loves to bind to water, making it one of the most exciting hydrators on the market.

Hyaluronic Acid is a skin helping super-substance. It works to give your skin it’s youthful look by holding in the moisture to keep our skin soft and smooth. It is used in many skincare products that rejuvenate and condition the skin.

It’s known as the skin plumper-upper

Hyaluronic Acid attracts moisture, and even more importantly: it holds it in. Which means using a serum that contains Hyaluronic Acid can result in plumper and healthier looking skin. In fact, when used as a part of the EpiWave™ Treatment, Hyaluronic Acid can actually mimic the effects of fine line fillers.

Hyaluronic Acid may decrease the appearance of:
• Acne Scars
• Crow’s Feet
• Smile & Worry Lines
• Burn Scars

Hyaluronic Acid Stimulates Production of New Collagen

Collagen is what helps give our skin that smooth, taut look, but as we age we build up damage. Free radicals and inflammation creates collagenase, an enzyme that breaks down collagen, resulting in wrinkles.

The moisture created by Hyaluronic Acid application plumps up the skin, filling in those wrinkles.

It’s great for all skin types

Hyaluronic Acid conditions, softens, and smooths the skin, making it a fantastic substance no matter your skin type.

It works best in combination with the EpiWave™ Ultrasonic treatment

The EpiWave™ is a non-invasive skincare treatment technology that removes dead skin cells, unleashes our skin’s power of renewal, and assist proper cellular function without invasive surgery. It works by combining the power of vibration with the cleansing properties of water to remove dead skin cells and loosen the upper layers of your skin.

The first benefit of this is that it encourages your skin to create new cells. The second is that the treatment opens microscopic pathways through the upper layers of your skin. Now, the hyaluronic acid can reach your skin on a cellular level, and you can boost the benefits of this moisture-returning molecule.

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