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Telomere Restorative Cream

Aesthetic Science Skincare's Telomere Restorative Cream

Teprenone is an amazing anti-aging substance!

When we are young, collagen formation keeps skin looking smooth and taut like a sheet stretched over a firm mattress. As we age, free radical damage and inflammation increase the synthesis of collagenase (a bad enzyme) that breaks down collagen. The end result is the caving in of the mattress and visible wrinkling and sagging of the sheet!

Teprenone is an amazing anti-aging substance that has emerged from the telomere biology discovered by a Nobel Prize-winning team of scientists. It extends the lifespan of skin cells up to 30% by preventing the shortening of the DNA end caps, which cause skin to age.

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Aesthetic Science Skincare's professional skincare product Telomere Restorative Cream

Telomere Restorative Cream

Age-defying Telomere Restorative Cream acts upon those cells to slow the deterioration process.

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